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Open source components used in the creation of this portal


The platform is hosted in a virtual server based on VMWare, and the operating system in use is Ubuntu. We host the applications on this server in Apache Tomcat.


The framework for the platform is provided by Plone, and this has been customised extensively through funding by SAEON, DST, CSIR, ICSU, and other stakeholders.


Our search components are custom-developed based on JavaScript and (occasionally) ASP, and utilise PostGRES in addition to Plone to create searchable indices and catalogues.


Mapping and visualisation components use an extensively customised version of OpenLayers, and makes use of embedded Google Charts to provide additional functions.


We host a portfolio of spatial web services based on GeoServer.


Meta-data is primarily managed in MetaCAT/ Morpho, GeoNetwork, and in custom extensions of Plone. We are working on including general-purpose repositories, such as DSpace.


The majority of our GUI components have been developed in JS-EXT, based on JavaScript and a service architecture.

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